The Ocampo media alligation

October 6, 2017, 6:23 am

This short opinion was written in response to the letter by the International Criminal Court on the Ocampo saga.

The International Criminal court should understand that how the alleged document were obtained is irrelevant. Whether it was obtained legally or illegally or whether it was hacked from a system, if it contains documents proving that justice may have been perverted or tempered with, whether during investigation on any matter or during the whole process of trial by an official representative of the international criminal court or its prosecutor then it is admissible in court.

The international court through its letter failed to address the issue of whether there is a separate and ongoing investigation within the ICC regarding former Prosecutor Ocampo.

Whether the International Criminal Court does not have knowledge of how the document were obtained should not also be the only concern at this moment, the court must note that if these allegations as it is called are found to be true, it goes a long way in determining the competence of the Court as the last hope for victims of mass atrocities.

It may be a shameful exercise if this allegation is found to be true but the international Criminal Court must be ready to prosecute its own when the need arises because the interest of justice must be served at all cost.

Reginald Sagay.