AFRICA'S SON OF A NOBODY by Lord Reginald Sagay

December 5, 2017, 10:30 pm

My mind is full with concern and thoughts, some times I feel like I am carrying the weight of Africa in my thought but not on my shoulders because I probably do not have the strength to carry the weight of Africa's sins and troubles.
We are like the foolish servant in the bible who was given talent of gold but buried it underneath the earth saying "My master is wicked" We were destined to give hope to the world but we are the worlds greatest burden in human form. Do not get me wrong, I am not writing to bring down the image of Africa as a continent but ENOUGH MUST BE ENOUGH.
One of the major set back and problem of Africa is its failure to sustain a collective ideology and divine principles of state policies and sustainable democracy across Africa.
The backwardness of Africa is seen inside the stagnant and muddy waters of the African Union as it comprises of the bad, bad and ugly. The failure of Africa is practically seen in the African union which consists of terrible dictators as presidents, presidents wanted at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, genocide, enforced disappearance and many more international crimes.
The African Union also consists of Presidents who were once national heroes but have emerged national dictators with the longest serving terms in office.
That is not all, it also consist of presidents who use former rebels as security and also use them to stop or kill citizens protesting against their long them in office.
The African Union Consists of Presidents who tagged peaceful protesters campaigning for self determination as terrorist groups, it consist of a gang of presidents who keep political prisoners and opposition leaders in jail.
The African Union consists of presidents who unjustly enrich themselves with the collective wealth of the people he swore to protect and develop. I can go on and on as the list is never closed.
Now you can imagine the caliber of personalities who come together to decide the progress of Africa.
The Failure of the African Union is seen in the fall of Libya which was the access point in which most of the deadliest terrorist group thrive today. We must note that the fall of Libya led to the mass flow of arms, ammunition and deadly weapons into most parts of Africa, this gave terrorist groups like Boko Haram,Al shabbab and isis to thrive in Africa.
Today we have graduates in Africa who cannot boast of a job to feed himself for a day, the young generation are lying waste in the midst of plenty.
I imagine that young man sitting in the floor of a small room with candle light on a table, holding his hands in his head thinking of how to survive himself, his sick parents and siblings who are currently not in school because they cannot afford to pay for tuition. He cannot run to his president, how would he hear his voice? He is a voiceless citizen of no value and even if he tries to protest he may be arrested and forgotten in jail because he is the son of nobody.
The son of a nobody got an information from friends on how they can access Europe through the desert of Libya and across the Mediterranean into Europe in search for green pastures.They embarked on that journey not knowing it could be their last as they arrived the fallen state of Libya they met a hostile territory and residents who had laid siege for their arrival, preparing to capture them and sell them as slaves for the sum of 200 - 400 dollars or extract and harvest their organs for sale,after all they are the sons of a nobody.
I am refraining myself from writing about the tragedies of the Libya slave trade because we all know the stories in the media so I will channel my grievances to African leaders. If the son of a nobody had a sustainable job and was provided with social amenities he would not have seen the pleasure in taking the deadliest route on earth into Europe.
This is an opportunity for the African youths to arise and speak with a collective voice and hold our leaders accountable, they are meant to serve us not to rule us. If we are not comfortable with their service we send them home. The seat of government is not a home where a dictator stays in power for over 30 years without giving the younger ones a shot to progressive democracy.
The only weapon the sons of a nobody has is their collective voice to speak against bad rulership. The only way the African Union can be purified is when the long term dictators and the most wanted criminals are made to give up their seat of power for a credible personality chosen by the people and has the fear of the God and the Constitution in his heart.
If we want a bright future for Africa then we must speak up and stand out.

I am Lord Reginald Sagay, Lord of the League of Justice.


U've spoken well, son of the soil.

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Dec 24, 2017

Dec 24, 2017
Lord help us 🙏🏽

Dec 8, 2017