Oromia erupts as Ethiopia govt frees Merera Gudina

January 18, 2018, 7:08 pm

People in Ethiopia’s Oromia regional state flooded the streets as they welcomed the release from detention of Merera Gudina, a leading opposition voice in Ethiopia.
Thousands of people clad in apparels that bore Gudina’s picture lined the streets leading to his residence where the authorities sent him after his release.
Local media portals showed other people holding placards and banners welcoming Gudina back. The respected academic and leader of main opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) had been in detention since December 2016.
His release comes barely two weeks after the government said it was dropping cases against a number of politician prisonsers as a means of engendering national unity. Gudina and over 500 others were released in the first phase of the announced reform.
This is good news for Ethipia as a nation because over the years the nation has been branded by Human Rights NGOs as a nation with strong violations of Human Rights. The actions of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia in 2018 is a good sign that there are going to be changes and improvement of the state of affairs as it relates to the respect Human Rights in Ethiopia.
The League of Justice uses this medium to call on other African leaders to follow the same path as shown by the Ethiopian Prime Minister.
League of Justice.