The Youths Will Lead When They Are Ready (1)

November 1, 2017, 4:33 pm

The agitation for youth inclusion in governance is an age long agitation that makes more sense every time it is presented. Based on the fact that the youth population in Nigeria is put at over 61%, youths taking up leadership positions not just in political governance but in every other sector of the economy should be a commonplace in the country.

Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t believe our elders/leaders are unaware of this. I actually believe they also want this for the youths. I imagine that some if not most of them will not mind young people as leaders. I also imagine that the infamous words- the youths are the leaders of tomorrow is a communication of their faiyoung people. While some will choose to look at this assertion as a scam because they believe tomorrow never comes, I choose to see it as a generous offer. I reason that everyday was once a tomorrow so tomorrow comes everyday. You too can imagine it; you have everyday from tomorrow to lead.

So why did our leaders generously give us the whole of tomorrow to lead?  Why are they expressing their faith in our ability to handle their future (tomorrow)?  Could it be that they expect us to use today to prepare, build a track record and be ready to lead when tomorrow comes?  If this is the case; if tomorrow comes now and you are asked to lead, would you sincerely say you are ready to lead excellently? Could it be that everyday tomorrow comes but we are busy fighting and killing ourselves over who among the elders should lead us again or over his religion and ethnicity. Could it be that tomorrow meets some of us wasted in alcohol and a notorious lifestyle? Could it be that tomorrow meets some of us in gross ignorance about ourselves, environment, society and world at large? Could it be that it met some of us as criminals and selfish individuals who have nothing to show for what today have committed into our hands? Could it be that tomorrow came why we were busy promoting mediocrity in governance because the politicians made the banks to keep sending us alerts that put smiles on our faces?  Could it be that it gets to midnight and our elders takes a look at us and we are not ready for leadership seeing that we dislike knowledge, diligence and service so they postpone handing it over to us until the tomorrow after tomorrow?

Is it not possible that we decide to make less noise and get back to work?  Commit ourselves to diligence, excellence and selfless service in all that today have entrusted into our hands. They have agreed that we are #NotTooYoungToRun but they are saying that we are #TooBrokeToRun. This is progress and we will surely get there but for now change your mindset. Start from your family; take it to school, work, church, mosque, street etc. Let anyone who sees you leading in the small position you are occupying know that you are preparing for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is ours and it will surely come, don’t let it meet you unprepared.

Princewill Allaputa, a thinker, entrepreneur, youth advocate and human rights activist.