August 23, 2018, 2:37 pm

On the 8 of June 2018, the International Criminal Court gave a decision that “shocked” the international justice arena by overturning the war crimes conviction against Jean- Pierre Bemba (former Vice President of Congo). Bemba had been in custody in The Hague for 10 years and was convicted in 2016 under the COMMAND RESPONSIBILITY DOCTRINE having failed to prevent his militias from committing crimes of rape, murder & pillaging in the Central Africa Republic.
It is no news that Bemba (as a free man) has declared his interest to run for the 2018 presidential election of The Congo scheduled to hold on the 23rd of December 2018.
In the eyes of some of the Congolese youths (a group one may accredit as a large sector of his support base), Bemba is likened to a personality that has gone through the proverbial fire and water of the International Criminal Court and come out victorious and thus, making him the most fit candidate for the job as Congo’s next president ( at least, in the eyes of his followers).
The return of Bemba to Congo was faced with a massive crowd of supporters ready to follow him all through his campaign for the seat of president in the upcoming elections.
One striking worry is that The International Criminal Court may have given him a credible platform to run on because a lot of Africans see The International Criminal Court as The Lion’s den, a place of no return. They see the International Criminal Court as biased against Africans and the fact that Bemba has scaled through the fiery furnace of the International Criminal Court, it is taken to mean a perfection in his credibility.
In my humble opinion, the victory of Bemba, has given him the credibility needed to contest an election in the Congo. He is not an ex-convict, he is not a war criminal neither was he found guilty on appeal by the International Criminal Court. As a matter of fact, he is considered the most credible politician in The Congo right now. Even when Joseph Kabila (the current President of Congo) has promised not to go beyond his constitutional limits as president of the Congolese, the political environment of Congo remains uncertain.
TAKE NOTICE I do not speak for any political candidate or for Bemba, I am only giving my opinion as it relates to the political atmosphere surrounding Bemba’s post ICC Political ambition.