Soldiers deployed to South West Cameroon to calm its Unrest

September 30, 2017, 6:29 pm

The Cameroonian army has reportedly stationed more troops in the northwest region where tensions have been building over claims of marginalization by the French majority country.

President Paul biya of Cameroon has deployed the military troops to the north-west region to help stop the civil unrest on going in Southern Cameroon. Going back in history north west was the British colony and they believe october 1st of every year is their independence.

There has been nationwide protest among the English-speaking Cameroonian in the last one month, schools has been shot down for over 10 months, due to this marginalization issue and the people of these Anglophone regions are saying that on 1st of October 2017 is their independence day celebration. There has been civil unrest since the 29th of October and information reaching the league of justice says a woman was shot while this protest was on.

Commenting on this issue was Lord Reginald Sagay, the Director of the League of Justice Online Network who stated clearly that every group of people bound by the same tribe, or ethnicity, ideology and common existence has the right to self-determination and self-governance whether or not it came from a feeling of being marginalized. He also stated that the Right to self-determination is a right to determine your political status and future and a right recognized by international law and the people of Southern Cameroon has a right to self determine by themselves whether they are going to be part of Cameroon or not.

A similar protest of self-determination has been on going in Nigeria by the Biafra people of the eastern region of Nigeria.

League of Justice.