The League of Justice is a Human Rights news website, we campaign for Justice internationally and nationally. We help conflicting nations, tribes and communities find peace through investigations and reports especially in Africa. We look into issues on local and international law as it relates to conflict resolution between nations. We provide solution,give advice on national and international policies for countries and communities.

The League of Justice plays a serious role in Human Rights Development whether in developed or developing nations. We strive to make sure international community and United Nations abide by the Obligations of its Laws and treaties and declarations in achieving its purpose and good will for the people just as the Charter of the United Nations in San Francisco, June 26 1945 provides in Article 55 that "with a view to creation of conditions of stability and well-being which are necessary for peaceful and friendly relations,among nations based on respect for the principles of equal rights nd self determination of people, the United Nation shall promote:

  1. Higher standard of living, full employment, and conditions for economic and social progress and development.
  2. Solutions of international economic,social, health and related problems and international cultural nd educational co-operation.
  3. Universal respect for and observance of Human Right and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language/religion.

We criticize unwise policies of government and assist in giving solution to tackle underdevelopment, social/economic degradation and improve political rights of the people.

The Acts of Genocide and Crimes against humanity,War crimes and its aftermath are usually sad and painful as most victims find it hard to recover their losses or some never do at all as it has been seen over the years in most African countries and other part of the world, so the League of Justice through its news reports, legal recommendations and opinions strive to ensure that mass atrocities such as Genocide, crimes against humanity are averting or prevented by all reasonable means and that the perpertrators of these crimes where ever they may be are brought to justice.